Having trouble winning?

Here are some tips to win races:

  1. The best racers have no fear! - Generally, it is better to pull your rubber band far and go as fast as you can, even if it is a bit harder to control. You won't die as often as you think, and if you do, you can catch up pretty quick. However, it can be better to drive carefully in the hard races where there are lots of edges to fall off!
  2. Upgrade your car! - After the first race, you unlock "Racey Racer", which is definitely a better car. The first bonus level also unlocks the "Spring", which is better than the rubber band on all levels except the hard ones. Personally I like the "Muscle Racer" and "Rope", both unlocked in the hard races.
  3. Skids! - You might think skidding slows you down, but when you skid enough you get a SPEED BONUS which more than makes up for it. In fact, it can be better to hit some objects on the side of the track as you race, as they will make you skid while you keep going forward! The more blue sparkles you have around your car, the closer you are to getting a speed bonus!

Can't achieve the goals in "Skids in a row" (2nd bonus level)?

Try the "Spring" band or the "Trucky Racer". They both sacrifice handling for better speed, which means more skids!

Can't achieve the "6 kills in 5 seconds" goal in "8 Balls of Fire" (3rd bonus level)?

Try waiting right in the middle where you start. After some seconds, all the other racers will come back to you. Zap all 3 of them them as soon as they get near, then again as soon as they re-appear!

Having trouble beating the developer ghost?

Well, I really don't want you to beat me, so maybe I shouldn't tell you. You just have to race really well at full speed without hitting anything (... and just maybe, when you unlock the better cars/bands, you can go back and beat the developer ghost on the earlier tracks with your new, faster ride, but that’s not fair on me!).

How to unlock the last band? (infinite shock band)

Beat all races in turbo mode!