Our Next Game: Garden Wars!

Send in the GOAT to eat your pesky neighbor's plants, or maybe some Rabbits? It's gardener vs gardener and you must do everything in your power to dominate the garden with your plants!

Morepork Games is proud to introduce it's new, upcoming game: Garden Wars! It is a casual strategy game for all that is simple and addictive, and will retail on Steam for under $5.

The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, where it needs votes if we are to release it on Steam (PC, Mac & Linux), so PLEASE VOTE:

There's a short trailer below and you can check out the Garden Wars page for more details!

Featured again + next project

Swing Racers is on sale and featured again this week on the App Store in the "Amazing Apps & Games" promotion! The promotion is for Canada, China, Russia, India, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa, Indonesia and Australasia, though the game is on sale for the lowest price possible in all territories!


Also, we've started work on the next game! Details will be scarce for a while yet but it sure is exciting to work on already!

Swing Racers on sale! Update next week!

Just a quick update - Swing Racers is on sale this week only for 66% off! (99c in U.S.)

There is also a new update coming next Monday - it features 20% more tracks and 50% more cars!

One of the new racers is that pesky car you might recognize from Crossy Roads... it won't seem very special at first, but if you hit another racer you'll get a speed boost every time!


Swing Racers Update #1 now available!

Update #1 is now out! It includes a new Dutch language option and an alternate camera option (for anyone who gets a bit motion sick with the standard camera). You can access the new camera in the pause menu.

Update #2 in a couple of weeks will feature some new achievements and a new Hungarian language option, while Update #3 a couple more weeks after that will be BIG with lots of NEW (FREE) CONTENT!


Swing Racers update on its way!

A new update has been submitted for approval today, which includes a couple of new things: Dutch language option and an alternate camera option (for anyone who gets a bit motion sick with the standard camera). So look out for that later this week or early next week! Big thanks to Eric for the Dutch translation!

Also now that Swing Racers' feature week is over, we can officially give some real ranking info from the App Store:

  • Reached #1 Racing Game in 39 countries, including UK, Australia, NZ, France, Germany, Italy & Japan (and it's retained the #1 spot in Japan for a while after being featured).
  • Reached #1 Family Game in 29 countries.
  • Reached #1 Overall Game in 9 countries and #1 Overall App in 4 countries.