What is the object of the game?

The object of the game is to occupy the entire garden with your plants! A player wins when the other player's plants are all gone.

How do I grow my plants?

Plants grow automatically - your job is to dig the garden so there is dirt for your plants to grow in, while trying to destroy your opponent's plants.

What do the bees do?

Bees pollinate your plants and produce fruit. The more fruit you have, the faster you gain energy.

What do I use energy for?

The more energy you have, the better Powers you can use. Some Powers kill the other player's plants, while some help your plants grow faster.

I don't know what some things are?

In-game, you can press the question mark (?) button next to the pause button - then select anything on screen and it will tell you what it is!

Where do I see all the world rankings?

The main menu tells you where you are in the overall world rankings, or you can click here to see the whole list!

What do all the powers do?

  • Bees - gives you extra bees and temporarily makes all your bees twice as fast! (generates fruit very quickly for more power)
  • Water - makes new plants grow much faster!
  • Poison - instantly kills a few of your enemy’s plants
  • Conversion - converts any enemy plant to yours! Stronger plants cost more to convert.
  • Rocks - Replaces a bunch of enemy plants with rocks! (useful for distracting them, helps stop them attack you so much)
  • Rabbits - sends in some bunnies to munch your enemy's fruit! They munch faster if the enemy tries to water their plants.
  • Freeze - Turns a heap of your enemy's plants to ice (meaning they can’t grow for a while), and slowly reduces their fruit too.
  • Goat - Brings in a goat that very quickly sucks up whole plants and lasts a long time. Goes very fast if the enemy tries to water their plants.

Why are the plants attacking each other?

When your plant is next to an enemy plant, it may decide to try and take over the enemy plant. Your plant uses up as much fruit as it needs to attack the enemy - if your plant has 3 fruit and the enemy has 2, then your plant will win and grow a new plant where the enemy’s one was.

Your plants are more likely to attack if they have more fruit than the enemy plant. If you have many plants surrounding an enemy plant, your plants may sacrifice themselves to weaken the enemy plant. When plants are watered, they are also more likely to attack neighboring plants, even if they will lose the battle.

Why do some plants stop growing fruit?

Plants can’t reach their full fruit if they have rocks growing around them, or if they are on the edge of the map. This is a good reason to clear those rocks away.

Why do some plants turn into huge fruit?

These are called super plants and they will protect you from one attack of poison, frost, rabbits or goat. A plant becomes a super plant once it has had maximum fruit (six) for a while, without being attacked.

This is a good reason to use extra bees - they make your fruit develop faster! It’s also a good reason to use rocks against the enemy (rocks reduce the amount of fruit that surrounding plants can grow).

What is the piece of ground with the ring around it?

This is a bonus tile - these tiles generate bonus energy and will give the energy to the player that owns the tile. It’s a very valuable tile to have!

How do I win faster?

The key is to spread your plants as fast as possible at the beginning and gain as much free ground as you can - so use that water all the time! Once all the free ground is taken up, a good strategy is to kill the enemy plants next to yours (for example, with poison or rabbits) and then use water straight away so that your plants grow in the spaces that become free.

How do I improve my star rating?

There are a few things that determine your star rating - your time, how fast your grow your plants, and which powers you use:

  • Win the game faster for a better Time star rating
  • Use water whenever you can to quickly grow your plants and increase your Rate of Spread rating.
  • Make sure you don’t use too much of one power, to improve your Power rating

How do I win on the harder levels?

Do not underestimate the power of Rocks!


PC Installation FAQ

There is a problem installing Visual C++ runtime 2015?

Try these steps:

  1. Uninstall the game via steam (right click in your library and go “Delete local content”)
  2. Restart your PC
  3. Try to install the runtime from the official Microsoft website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145

If it still won’t install:

  • Make sure your PC is completely up to date via Windows Update (you might need to resolve other errors before all windows updates will install successfully). Restart your PC, then try the steps again.
  • Try opening an administrator prompt (Click Windows Start button, search for “cmd”, then right click on the “Command Prompt” search result and select “Run as Administrator”), and typing in the prompt “sfc /scannow”. Once the scan is done, restart your PC, then try the steps again.

I have another problem?

Please contact us!